that's.....kind of, dont know what the exact words..

dont know how to begin
but there is too much to be swallowed alone.wuwu

yeah, life can be so tiring sometimes,
you know..

i used to express my feelings and depression via facebook
but i guess i cannot do that anymore
coz when i did
i end up deleting my status few minutes later,
dont know why..
embarrased?? yeah, kind of..

few months back was really a hectic & pretty much a chaos
moment of my life,
i had enrolled in a so-called Infosys Foundation Programme in
Sarawak from 15th May until 28th August..
that's approximately 3.5 months.

being apart from my family was'nt a big deal actually..
i get used to..
but the tasks in that program,
is what exhausting me.

to be honest, i wasnt have much interest in programming
i love networking more, that's my major
i just went there, with hope that may be
my interest for programming will be developed soon.

but i was wrong, i end up, doesnt like programming even more
infosys just taught me how the life of a developer would be

we work according to a tight schedule..
when we got project, we have to finish that project in time
we work from 8am-5pm, then unofficially got
to go to work again from 8pm-12midnight,
its a total headache you know..

but Alhamdulillah, i make it, though i once considering to quit..
despite of all these hardship, there is a lot to learn,

1. First, the good thing is that i have broaden my social connections.
i never had a non-malay friends before, but in infosys i gain a lot.
In fact, sometimes i think i spent much time with my chinese friends
compared to malay, because you know, they work hard and i like their
passion..and that was infectious. Yeah, its stressful, yet a nice working environment I have to admit. Many thanks to them.

2. But the most important thing is that..i will considering every single
aspects in making decision. I should establish Solat Istikharah first, and
praying to Allah for His guidance.I believe that helps a lot. Because you know..
we doesnt know what happens in the future..

Allah Knows..
"O Allah, please show me the best way, please make everything ease on me"..Amin

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