IELTS...2 years later

Disclaimer: This article is based on personal account. Tips given may work for a person but may not work well enough for others. Grammatical errors may be detected everywhere here, but, it was'nt like I care! LOL. Readers discretion is advice ^^

Assalamualaikum  (Peace be upon you) and Hi everyone,

It had been a long time since my last post, so I think its time to update my blog? LOL, once a year update, pardon me ;)

Anyway, I have this strong intuition that most of the readers here were coming for my "IELTS experienced posts" so, I think it's good if I can share with you some few points that I think worth looking up to.

It had been 2 years since the last time I take my IETLS test, so my IELTS result which I have taken in February 2011 should have been invalid by now. So, as one of the condition that I need to fulfil for my PhD sponsorship is recent result, so I have no choice except to retake the IELTS.

To be honest, I was'nt really prepared this time since I'm working at the moment and it's quite hard to shift between working tasks and studying for IELTS. But I guess spending one year in London do help me a lot, especially in listening and speaking tests. 

Oh talking about "listening" and "speaking", my first 2 months abroad was really challenging...if not catastrophic. Okay, I might sound a little bit over-expressive, but I do cry several times........< "hey I thought you gonna talk about IELTS? why suddenly so emotional, we're not interested in reading your personal stories">. Fine, I heard that! LOL. 

What I'm trying to say is that, well coming from far-east to other side of the world, which have different culture and values, is quite shocking...and communication is just one of the obstacle. You  know, all these while, you thought you're really good in English, A1 in SPM 1119, Band 5 in MUET,  7.0 for IELTS and you felt like you all the way ready for a London's life!...but suddenly when you got there, and start to converse with English native speakers.....all the thing they said was, "Sorry?" "Say it again?", "Pardon?", "Sorry, I can't really get what you mean". Oh my! My world was like turning upside down! I speak English but even English can't really get what I'm saying. HAHAHA (well, I do  literally laugh, but actually I was confused. What language  I have been learning all these while? phew.....

I was taken aback, and I did'nt move out from my house for a week. I was thinking what had gone wrong. Why it's hard for us to communicate. Finally, I realize it turns out to be......yep you're right! MY ACCENT!

< ops, I have some work to do now, shall tell you more, btw this is my recent IELTS result :) > 

<"sigh, this person, is all ranting about her miserable time in London, and still have not yet shared any valuable tips. what a waste reading.......">

Me: hehe, sorry....I'll be back darl!

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